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Black Fox Lounge closed on January 1, 2015.

Black Fox Lounge features intimate live performances by some of the most talented musicians in the region including jazzy swing-outs, delicate piano balladry, blues, soul, R&B, showtune stompers, piano and bass combos, and guitar solos.

The critically acclaimed Monday variety show, La-Ti-Do, featuring spoken word and musical theater, a monthly open

mic hosted by the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC Jazz Singers Jam and a weekly drag show round out the mix.

Food and beverage are available during events.

Below are upcoming live performance events. Please note this schedule is subject to change.

The Gay Men's Chorus of Washington Lower Level: December 10, Wednesday, 8-11pm. Open Mic Hosted by the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington. Vocals, Singalong, Piano. Musical Theater, Standards. Complimentary drink after your first song. Free Admission.

Jon Rooks Main Level: December 11, Thursday, 8-11pm. Jon Rooks. Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard. Rock, Originals. Free Admission.

Aaron Myers Main Level: December 12, Friday, 9:30pm-12:30am. Artist-in-Residence Aaron Myers and the Black Fox Lounge Jazz Ensemble. Vocals, Ensemble. Jazz. Free Admission. Best Singer Runner Up, City Paper 2014.

Dee Stone Main Level: December 13, Saturday, 9:30pm-12:30am. Dee Stone. Vocals, Guitar/Keyboard. Soul, Jazz, Rock. Free Admission.

La-Ti-Do I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! LAST SHOW AT BLACK FOX LOUNGE. CELEBRATE LTD 3RD & BFL 5TH ANNIVERSARIES. Lower Level: December 15, Monday, 8-10pm. La-Ti-Do. Hosted by Regie Cabico and DonMike Mendoza. Spoken Word, Musical Theater. Happy Hour 10-11pm. #ilovetheholidays $5 Alumni, $10 RSVP, $15 Door. 21+

Butch Warren Memorial Band Main Level: December 18, Thursday, 8-11pm. Butch Warren Memorial Band. Jazz. Free Admission.

Dee Stone Main Level: December 19, Friday, 9:30pm-12:30am. Dee Stone. Vocals, Guitar/Keyboard. Soul, Jazz, Rock. Free Admission.

Aaron Myers FAREWELL SHOW. Lower Level: December 19, Friday, 9:30pm-12:30am. Artist-in-Residence Aaron Myers and the Black Fox Lounge Jazz Ensemble. Vocals, Ensemble. Jazz. Free Admission. Best Singer Runner Up, City Paper 2014.

Yoshi Nishio Main Level: December 20, Saturday, 9:30pm-12:30am. Yoshi Nishio. Vocals, Ensemble. Jazz. Free Admission.

Tula's Cabaret Main Level: December 21, Sunday, 7:30-10:30pm. Tula's Cabaret. Hosted by Tula. Drag Show, Lip-Sync. Free Admission.

Navi Singh Lower Level: December 26, Friday, 9:30pm-12:30am. Navi Singh, Karen Jonas and Tim Bray. Vocals, Acoustic Guitar. Singer-songwriter. Free Admission.

Jon Rooks Main Level: December 27, Saturday, 9:30pm-12:30am. Jon Rooks. Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard. Rock, Originals. Free Admission.

Butch Warren Memorial Band Main Level: NEW YEAR'S EVE FAREWELL SHOW. December 31, Wedenesday, 10pm-1am. Butch Warren Memorial Band. Jazz. Free Admission.

Aaron Myers Lower Level: NEW YEAR'S EVE FAREWELL SHOW. December 31, Wednesday, 10pm-1am. Artist-in-Residence Aaron Myers & Company with special guests. Vocals, Ensemble. Free Admission.

Admission Fee
Most of our performance events do not charge an admission fee. Some events will collect an admission fee at the door. Cash is sometimes the only payment option. Some events sell tickets online or provide a discount for confirming attendance in advance.

Black Fox Lounge does not take reservations.

Seating, including ticketed events, is general seating and not guaranteed. Further, table sharing and sales minimums are observed when seating is at a premium. Our sales minimum is $12 per seated person.

Age Restriction
18+ or 21+ respectively denotes admission is limited to persons of 18 or 21 years of age or older. Performance events are open to all ages unless otherwise noted. Since alcohol is served during our events, adult supervision of children is required at all times.

Previous Live Performances at Black Fox Lounge:
(Partial Listing)
Aaron Myers, Artist-in-Residence

Abbe Buck Trio

Ace Elijah

Acoustic Sauce

Aimee Barnes

Alexander Samoshkin

The Alex Lacquement Group

Alex Vans

Alpha Clef Project

Alfonso Velez

Alliance for New Music-Theatre

Amanda Andrei

Amanda Ashley

Amy Bornet

Amy Conley

Amy Shook

Anders Eliasson

The Andrea Pais Project

Andrea Wood

Andr Forestal, Jr.

Andrew Morrissey

Anita King

Ann Brandstadter

Anthony Compton

Anthony Logan Cole

Aviva and the Flying Penguins

Ayo Awosika amp; Beck Burger

Barbara Papendorp

Bare! Hosted by Jefferson


Bill Forrest

Bill Heid

Bill "Magic" Lavender Bey

Black Fox Lounge Jazz Ensemble

Blake Meister


The Bob Schwartz Quartet

Bonnie Jones

The Bootleggers

Brandon Seehoffer

The Brian Gross Acoustic Duo

Brian Litz

Brian Christopher

Brian Lawrence

Broadway Cares

Butch Warren

Carl Roberts

Carley DeFranco

CaSh Jane

Catherine Satterlee

Charisma Wooten


Chris Miller

Christian Montgomery

Christian Stengle

Chuck Holden

Claude Arthur

The Cleveland Park Jazz Quartet

Cliff Beach

Con Brio

Conrado Bokoles

Corey Kennedy

Corey R-J

Crazy Chester and The Open Road

Cristian Perez

Curtis Fields

Dan Brown

Dan Hall

Daniel Sticco

Dan Pappalardo

Darryl Brenzel

Dave Kane

Dave McDonald

Dave Mosick Duet

Davey Knific

David Lighton

David Schulman

DC Cabaret Network

DC Hot Club Jazz Band

DC Jazz Singers Jam

Dee Stone

Deirdre Jennings

Denyse Pearson

The Devyl Nellys

DEW Jazz Trio


District Jazz Connect

Don Michael Mendoza

Don Stapleson

Dontae Hamlett

Dorian Woodruff

Double Stop

The Drivers

The Dupont Jazz Project

Easy Evans

Ed Hrybyk

Eileen Warner

EJ Blanchard

Eme Awa & Heteru

Emy Tseng

Enoch 7th Prophet

Ensull Trio

Eric DeFade

Eric Himan

Eric Tipler

Ethan Foote

Evan Samuels

Eve Lesov

Evin Gibson

Faheem, Open Mic

Felix Contreras

The Flavius Mihaies Duet

Francesco Lo Castro

Frank Tarantino

Genna & Jesse

Gay Men's Chorus of Washington Open Mic

Gosia & Ali

Granville Mullings, Jr.

Greg Lamont

Halley Shoenberg

Hannah Spiro

Harris Face

Hart Guonjian-Pettit Trio

Herb Scott

Ignition: Queer Spoken Word Capturing Fire Summit & Slam Fundraiser

Jackie Stem

Jacqueline Becker

James Benson

Jana Fisher

Jason Hammers

Jason Robling

Jay Brown

Jeff Antoniuk

Jeffrey Altergott

Jeffrey Johnson, Galactica

Jeff Weintraub

Jennie Litt & David Alpher

Jenny George

Jeremy Conroy

Jeron White

Joe Lerner

Joe Vetter

John Moletress

John Shepherd

Jon Rooks

Jon Sandler and the Fancy Band

Joseph Howell

Julie Mack

Kara Lia

Kara Morgan

Keith Wesby

Kenny Peagler

The Kevin Cordt Jazz Quartet

Kevin Cosgrove

Kevin Robinson

Khaled Dajani

Kim Perseghin

Kurtis Adams

Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi

Lady Rose

Lanah Koelle


Lauren Shusterich


Lele Rose

Liberated Muse

Lone Wolf One Man Band

The Low Five: Peter Leonard, Joe Ciccarello, Noah Maruyama, Grayson Flood and Matt Volk

Mama's Black Sheep

Marc Ganancias

Maria Mejenny

Marianne Glass Miller

Maris Wicker

Marlon Winder

Mary Alouette

Matt Everhart

Matthew Curtis

Matthew Hirsh

Matt Howe

Matt Ingeneri

Matt Kruft

Maureen Mullaney

Mayu Saeki

Michelle Webb

Miles Labat

The MisUnderstanding

Montana Skies

Najee Omar

Natalie Jean

Nate Jakes

Nathan Garrett

Nathan Lincoln-De-Cusatis

Nick Mendez

Night & Day

Nila Kay

Nina Randazzo


Nobody's Business

Nuance: Alvin Mayes, Eric Ziegler, Russwin Francisco

Olive Juice

Olivia Reed

Oren Levine

Patty Bouch

Percy White

Perry Conticchio

Pete Muldoon

Peter Fields

PinkySwear Productions

Projeck GP

Rachel Levitin

Rachel Panay

Ra Free

Ramon Gonzales

Rebecca Christie

Rebecca Stugart

Regie Cabico

Ric Royer

Robbie Wancowicz

Rob Orwin & Kim Scudera

Romero Wyatt

Ron Chiles

Ross Farquhar

Russwin Francisco

Ruthless Grip

Ryan Patrick Welsh

Sabor Latino

Sam Pacetti

Sam Prather

Sammy Munguia

Sara Wintz

Sarah Fridich

Sasha Sinclair

Shea Pierre

Sketch Comedy Open Mic with Hand Poured

Soltre James

Sonja Sofia

Sriram Gopal

Stan Cherednik

Stefan Alexander

Step 3: David Bergman, Robert Black, Tim Brady

Stephanie Leonardi

Sinem Saniye

Sketchbook Trio

S. Lewis Feemster


The Spicy Tunas

Spill! Hosted by Jefferson

Story League

Studio Papillon

Sulu DC

Tango Cabaret Tango! Cecilia De Feo, Laura Quiroga, Lorena Sabogal and Mari Paz

Tara Hofmann

Tara Trinity Villanueva

Tarus Mateen

Ted Bazil

Tedd Baker

Terence Arnett

Tim Whalen Trio

Tom Goss

Tommy Wyderko

Tony De Paolis

The Trillaterus Trio: Alan Moverman, Kurt Nikkanen, Ron Wasserman

Tula's Cabaret: Tula, Sylvia and Sarah

Una Jensen

Victor Haskins

Victor Provost

Waffle Haus


Walter Carrillo

Wayne Wilentz

Wendy Lee Snyder

While We Hope and Dream

William 'Chan' Hall

Will Jakes

Willie Fields

Willits Bowditch

Will Stephens

Xandra Corpora

Yawn Jones

Yoshi Nishio

Zack Pride

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